Zoom Air Cushioning


While Nike Air and Air Max technologies are easily recognizable because they are visible through the sole, Nike Zoom Air is much more discrete, but also much more effective for athletes who demand quick responsiveness from their shoes. Zoom Air is composed of a network of threads, plastic, and pressurized gasses designed to refract the stress asserted by the person wearing the shoes, making it the perfect technology for a fast response. Not only is Zoom Air responsive, but it also provides additional cushioning for added comfort.

Nike has a great number of Zoom Air products, including the Zoom Structure+ 15, which are perfect for runners seeking a smooth and cushioned ride.

The Zoom Elite+ 5 is perfect for women who desire the same performance from their running shoes. Both of these shoes are lightweight, comprised of predominately mesh uppers, which also adds for breathability.

The two aforementioned products including many others from Nike with Zoom Air Cushioning are ideal for athletes who require a quick response from their athletic shoe.