Yoga in your Pocket


The day has finally come. You can stop going to studios and get rid of that gym membership. If you’re looking to getting into some yoga without even leaving the house, there is now an app for that.

Oddly enough, it’s called Pocket Yoga Pocket Yoga - Rainfrog, LLC, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. For $2.99, you get a yoga instructor in the palm of your hand fully equipped with a multitude of poses from beginner to advanced.

Just how good is this thing? Well, it can’t get that much better than detailed voice and visual instruction to guide you through every pose, even telling you when to inhale and exhale.

It doesn’t just tell you what to do, it maintains a log of every yoga session to track your progress and promote consistency.

For those of you just getting into yoga, this is the perfect way to start with minimal initial commitment other than a few minutes a day, while building up your ability to hang in there for future real-life yoga sessions. For the experienced yoga master, this can come in handy if you’re looking to try a different routine and the yoga studio’s closed.

Either way, chances are, this app is for you, and for $2.99, there’s no real reason to pass on it if you’re interested in yoga or into it already.