Yoga Defined


It’s safe to say that yoga is pretty much universally known at this point, but that doesn’t mean you know everything about yoga. While the best thing might be to join a yoga group and jump right in, it couldn’t hurt to get acquainted with some of the terms, so you’re not a complete fish out of water. Check out some we touch upon down below to get your foot in the door, so you can actually get your foot in the yoga studio door.

First of all, the word “yoga” is from the Sanskrit language, meaning “unite”. It’s a mind and body exercise geared toward combining stretching and controlled breathing with the goal of achieving relaxation and a stable mood.

“Hatha” is another term that solely resides in the yoga realm. It means “sun and moon” and refers to physical yoga aimed at bringing balance to the body and mind.

The breathing techniques practiced in a yoga session are called “pranayama.” As stated before, breathing is an important component when it comes to yoga, so you may hear this term a lot.

At the end of a yoga session, it’s customary for the group to chant “om” in unison. It’s considered to be the original sound of the universe, further bringing together the overarching idea of oneness.

On top of “om”, your yoga instructor might approach you, bow and say “namaste”, which literally means “I bow to you” in Sanskrit.

Now that you’ve got some of the terminology down, you’re that much closer to actually heading down to a yoga studio. Before you go though, head over to and check out the Reebok Yoga Burnout T-Shirt that’s yoga-ready.