Yoga Benefits for Women


Yoga has become a popular activity for athletes of all skill levels. Not only does it promote strength and flexibility, but also stamina and control. Yoga is also an easy practice for anyone to begin, because you can modify any pose to meet your body’s needs. Plus, it’s a great way to de-stress after a tough day.


Balance is a big part of any sport, and practicing yoga will help you become more in tune with your body. Learning how your body works and moves will help you gain more control and prevent injury. Practicing breathing techniques and balance will help improve your fitness as a whole.


In case you’re not convinced, there are many pro athletes that practice yoga to help improve their game. LeBron James is known to strike a downward dog pose in order to help improve flexibility and strength. He told reporters practicing yoga also helped relieve lower back pain (


New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz is also a big fan of yoga. The team has a yoga instructor on hand to work with athletes, and Cruz is said to work with her regularly ( Because yoga helps loosen muscles and improve flexibility, it’s perfect for NFL players who have to perform at a high level in short bursts.


If you’re looking for a change in routine and a great full-body workout, try a yoga class. It will improve your mind and body, while giving you a way to relax from a stressful day.