Women’s CrossFit Games


If you work out, you know that there’s “working out” and there’s the “CrossFit” workout. While certain conventional workouts have been extracted and transformed into contests, CrossFit has meshed the two together into a workout-slash-sport rolled into one. If being featured on ESPN is any indication of legitimacy, the CrossFit sport is here to stay.


Sponsored by Reebok, the CrossFit games will include classics drills such as running and squats, as well as more exotic exercises such as climbing, odd object lifting and obstacles. Short, medium and long distances are all-included in a no-holds-barred challenge, testing strength and endurance.


It’s not just a boys club, either. Women are joining in on the fun, festivities and competition, and you’d be surprised at what they’re capable of.


Some of the top female competitors are:

1. Samantha Briggs – Europe

2. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet – Canada East

3. Jaime Noyce – North Central

4. Mandi Janowitz – South West

5. Mary Lampas – South West


While CrossFit has enjoyed much success in the United States, the reach of this new workout sport has stretched across the Atlantic as CrossFit is proving to become a worldwide movement.


While Reebok getting behind CrossFit, they’ve got footwear and apparel specifically engineered for the CrossFit athlete that is all available at