Women’s Basketball Accessories Sure to Turn Heads


Whether you are the best hooper on the floor or not, you still want to look like you are. Usually, the most intimidating looking girl on the court is the one decked out in all the gear and accessories. If she’s not the most intimidating, at the very least, she’s the most fly, and that’s nothing to scoff at. So read on as we tell you about some great products available on that are sure to turn heads on the hardwood.


Nike Chevron Sport Headband

Nothing is worse than having your hair fly all over your face when you are trying to shoot some hoops, but thankfully, the Nike Chevron Sport Headband will prevent just that. Not only is this headband functional, but it is also very cute as well. The chevron pattern combined with the Atomic Teal color will have all the other girls on the court green with envy.


adidas ClimaLite 2-Pack No Show Socks

Nobody likes super sweaty feet, and with the adidas ClimaLite 2-Pack No Show Socks, you don’t have to worry about that. These socks have superior breathability and ventilation thanks to ClimaCool technology, so sweaty feet won’t be a problem next time you are hooping. They are no-shows so you won’t see them on the court, but as soon as you hit the locker room all of the ladies will be asking where you got your socks from.


Nike Varsity Girl 2.0 Medium Duffel Bag

Whether you are on your way to practice or to your next game, chances are you have quite the load of stuff to haul around. Throw out that dusty old gym bag, and upgrade to the Nike Varsity Girl 2.0 Medium Duffel Bag. It has all of the storage space you will need to store your ball, extra shoes, towel, and anything else you might want to take to the gym. It’s available in eight very cute color options, so there’s surely one to fit your flavor.


Sof Sole 45 Inch Oval Lace

What’s the ultimate way of turning heads on the basketball court? A new pair of brightly colored laces will definitely do the trick. The Sof Sole 45 Inch Oval Lace is offered in very bright shades of green, yellow, blue, red, and pink that will stand out on the court like nothing else.