Why Dads Buy Their Kids Jordans More Than Any Other Shoe


At the unbelievably fast rate that children go through shoes, it’s hard for some to imagine spending upwards of $50 for a new pair of shoes for their child every month. If it was up to Mom, this would probably be a no go, but thanks to dads all across the nation some kids do get laced in a new pair before they even beat out their old ones.

It’s not just any shoe that dads are purchasing for their kids; it’s the Air Jordans. But why are dads forking out loads of cash for their kid’s shoes that will inevitably be camouflaged in playground rock dust in a matter of hours? Well, in hindsight as we get older, we always remember back to the sneakers we used to rock when we were kids. For many new generation parents, these shoes were none other than the Air Jordans. Whether we appreciated the shoes at the time or not, we can always look back now and think, “man those were dope kicks, why’d I mess those up”. Perhaps dads buy Jordans for their children for this reason, so they can have the same memories that we had once we got older. On the other hand, many parents whose parents could not afford Jordans back in the day might just want to give their kids an opportunity for those memories.

However, for most dads anyway, it’s about much more than just giving a child memories. Most dads view their children as a reflection of themselves; a little “mini me” if you will. Dads pass on to their children their code of ethics, morals, and knowledge, so if they have a keen fashion sense, they are most likely going to carry that to their child as well. Besides, nothing is cuter than a father son combo rocking the same outfit!

In short, there are many reasons why dads everywhere are purchasing their children loads of Air Jordan sneakers. Whether it is for memories, an opportunity they may have missed out on as a child, or to reflect their own image to their child, it is with no doubt out of love.