Why are Retro Sneakers So Popular?


We have reached the age when the present is more interested in the past. In other words, if it’s retro, it’s now. What do we mean by that?

It seems like more than ever, the era ranging from the ’80s to the late ’90s is more popular than the present, especially in the world of sneakers. Why is that? That’s the question. 

First off, let’s address that time in sneakers. Signature sneakers were the craze of that time period. Every star in the NBA pretty much had their own signature. You might be familiar with the names Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, Jerry Stackhouse and Grant Hill. All of those guys had their own shoes.

Next question: but why are they popular now, when they weren’t so popular then? Technically back then, the shoes from those guys were popular, but chances are, the fans of those sneakers weren’t of age and/or lacked the funds to buy said sneakers. Which brings us to our next point.

It all boils down to nostalgia. The people that are buying these kicks now, remember seeing them on their favorite stars feet back in the day, and on shelves at the local sneaker store. It triggers a memory, a certain feeling, so to speak. Scoring a pair of those retro kicks brings back the thoughts of a simpler time.

So, you have all of these (now) grownups buying retro sneakers, and naturally, it trickles down to the younger generation. Monkey see, monkey do, and the circle of sneaker life restarts itself. The big brands of the time (Nike, adidas, Reebok and Fila) laid the groundwork back in the ’80s and ’90s, implanting the seed, and now that which was started years ago is beginning to come to fruition. 

The retro craze is quite the phenomenon, but also very simple to understand.