What’s Coming: Brooks PureProject 2


To keep up with those always on-the-run runners, the folks over at Brooks are staying ahead of the game with new technology and new shoes. By late December, they’re planning to release the sequel to their popular PureProject Collection. If you’re just now hearing about all of this, check out some shoes they have out now to see if you should join in on the project.

Although a revamped model is on its way, Brooks will be hard pressed to improve upon their Brooks PureFlow. If you want a natural feel, the PureFlow goes with the flow, keeping you light on your toes while actually being a pretty good looking shoe. We can’t wait to see what Brooks has in store for its successor.

Any over pronators in the room? If so, then I’m talking to you, and I advise taking a look at the Brooks PureCadence. It’s made to keep you stable while also promoting a natural foot strike. All in all, a good shoe, and we can be sure that its next iteration will kick it up a notch.

Brooks is back at it again, and this round of the collection should prove to outdo and impress like Brooks has done before. Keep it locked in and don’t miss when the new models are released.