What Nike Free is Best for My Run?


When it comes to running shoes, the Nike Free line has quickly became one of the most popular running lines from Nike to date. After years of researching biomechanics of running barefoot for nearly a decade, Nike developed a line of running shoes to compliment the natural movement of the foot. The benefits of their research resulted in revolutionary shoe technology that strengthens the foot and lower legs. The Free line has several different models, each specifically designed for different technical aspects. Following, we will break down the differences between the Nike Free Run 3.0, the Nike Free 4.0 V2, and the Nike Free Run+ 3 (5.0) to help you determine which Nike Free shoe is best for you.

The Nike Free Run 3.0 provides the most barefoot feel. The 3.0 Free sole is the most flexible and lightest weight sole that the Free line has to offer, which makes it the best one for foot strengthening. However, this model is the least supportive of the line, so we would not recommend this shoe for heavier runners who need a lot of support.

More supportive than the 3.0, the Nike Free Run 4.0 V2 is still a very flexible shoe that offers the barefoot running feel. It is the second lightest shoe from the line thanks to the seamless upper, and is ideal for runners who require a decent amount of support.

The Nike Free Run+ 3 is the heaviest of the three, and the 5.0 sole provides the most amount of support making this model the best for heavier runners. It is still very lightweight like the other models, but has a more glove like fit on the upper to provide additional support. This shoe is also Nike+ ready, so we would recommend this to anyone who uses the Nike+ Running System.

Overall, every shoe in the Nike Free line is lightweight and provides runners with a more natural barefoot ride. There are differences in the shoes however, and hopefully this will help you decide which Nike Free is best for your run.