#WeRunSF An Indiana Girl Tackles The Hills


My name is Molly and I hate hills.

I’m from Indiana. And what do we all know about Indiana? It’s full of cornfields! Flat land with zero elevation for miles and miles. Sure, I live in the city, but it’s just the same old pancake flat farmland with some buildings and houses slapped on top.

No mountains, no large hills, no bumps of any kind.

Molly Sharp stares down a tiny Indiana hill.

Molly Sharp stares down a tiny Indiana “hill”.

So why would I agree to run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco—where the steep grades can be a mile long or more? Because it’s San Francisco. I’ve never visited San Fran, let alone California, so this is an opportunity to explore a whole new place and enjoy the glorious scenery up close and personal.

How could I not run this race?

Plus, it’s a Nike race and I’ve heard rumors that the swag includes a Tiffany necklace. I repeat, Tiffany necklace. Not to mention the attractive tuxedo-clad men who bestow said necklace upon you shortly after the finish line.

It’s a no-brainer. I have to do it.

But, the hills. I’ve been a hobby jogger for the better part of the last decade. Half-marathons and marathons are my thing, but I like my races flat. This might qualify me as a total running wimp, but I know what I like. The distance is the challenge for me, why throw in extra trouble?

I’ve been firmly in my running comfort zone for far too long. It’s time to bust out, not just to become a stronger runner, but to see how strong I am mentally—or not.

So, I’ve committed to take on San Francisco with more than 25,000 of my closest girlfriends. Time to break down some walls and live.

Stay tuned as I tackle the hills, all in the name of bling—and maybe becoming a better runner.

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