2016-17 NFL Power Rankings

Week 4 NFL Power Rankings

Oct 2, 2016; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones (11) celebrates his touchdown catch with quarterback Matt Ryan (2) in the fourth quarter of their game against the Carolina Panthers at the Georgia Dome. The Falcons won 48-33. Mandatory Credit: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Oct 2, 2016; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones (11) celebrates his touchdown catch with quarterback Matt Ryan (2) in the fourth quarter of their game against the Carolina Panthers at the Georgia Dome. The Falcons won 48-33. Mandatory Credit: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports


32. 15578552015        Cleveland Browns

Record: 0-3
Last Week: 31

Poor Cleveland, just when they think things cant get any worse Josh Gordon announces that he will be going to rehab and then was hit with an indefinite suspension from Goodell. Luckily Terrell Pryor has had a breakout season at WR so at least they have someone that can catch a ball.

31. 364        Chicago Bears

Record: 1-3
Last Week: 32

The Bears finally got the monkey off their back with the first win of their season. Jordan Howard looked phenomenal this week and who would’ve thought that Brian Hoyer would look like a starting QB this week?

30. 15041052013        Miami Dolphins

Record: 1-3
Last Week: 27

This game was a pretty depressing to watch if you are a Dolphins fan. The 2nd snap from scrimmage went for 6, but that was the only scoring drive the Dolphins secured this week. It looked like Tannehill forgot how to football at one point and the team must have forgotten what color they were because his own lineman at one point sacked Tannehill.

29. cwuyv0w15ruuk34j9qnfuoif9        Detroit Lions

Record: 1-3
Last Week: 19

The Lions didn’t take advantage of their Week 4 matchup against an ailing Chicago Bears team. The Lions offense didn’t find the end zone one time all afternoon and the team committed 10 penalties. If you want to win in the NFL, you can’t have that combination.

28. 907        New Orleans Saints

Record: 1-3
Last Week: 29

John Kuhn made a living blocking for Green Bay running backs, but now he is scoring for the Saints. Kuhn managed to find the end zone 3 times this week, including one time that wasn’t meant for him. The Saints managed to finally pick up their first win of the season in dramatic fashion.

27.  17636702014        Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Record: 1-3
Last Week: 15

Who would’ve thought we’d see 2 weather delays in 2 weeks. The weather gave Buccaneer fans a reason to leave this game early after getting stomped by the Broncos for 3 straight quarters. The game didn’t start well when Jameis threw a pick on his second throw of the game. The Bucs keep looking for that opening-day form from Jameis, but just cant keep it together for a full 48 minutes.

26. 17994552009        San Francisco 49ers

Record: 1-3
Last Week: 28

The 49er’s game was just a series of unfortunate events that could only happen to Chip Kelly. The Niners began the day on a great note, going up 14-0 before surrendering it all. Navarro Bowman went down with a torn achilles to top it all off.

25.  8e1jhgblydtow4m3okwzxh67k        San Diego Chargers

Record: 1-3
Last Week: 24

The Charger’s playoff hopes are diminishing more and more every week. This team is banged up due to injuries this year and they can’t afford to drop any games. This might not be the Charger’s year, but they are fighting with what they can.

24. 1053        Tennessee Titans

Record: 1-3
Last Week: 26

The Titans committed 11 penalties in their matchup this week against the Houston Texans and when you are being set back that much it is tough to finish with a W. The Titans run game has been on point all year, but their QB play has been lackluster at best. The Titans are going to have to do something about their passing offense if they want any sort of success going forward.

23. kwth8f1cfa2sch5xhjjfaof90        Arizona Cardinals

Record: 1-3
Last Week: 15

Who would’ve thought that the Arizona Cardinals would start this season off 1-3? They took a hard loss against the Panthers in the NFL Championship last year, but you would’ve thought that an entire offseason and 4 weeks would help you forget, but the Cardinals have picked their season right up where they left off last year.

22. v7tehkwthrwefgounvi7znf5k        New York Jets

Record: 1-3
Last Week: 20

Ryan Fitzpatrick needs to figure out his issues, and fast because this team doesn’t have a ton of time left before they lose this season entirely. Fitz has 9 interceptions in 2 weeks and with the talent that is on this Jets team it will be interesting to see how long the coaching staff sleeps on Geno.

21.   n0fd1z6xmhigb0eej3323ebwq        Buffalo Bills

Record: 2-2
Last Week: 22

The Bills did the unthinkable. They shut out the Patriots for the first time at home since 1993. Belichick must have had second thought about starting hobbled QB Jacoby Brissett again this week. The Patriots get their savior back this week so watch out because he has had 4 weeks of R&R.

20. 593        Indianapolis Colts

Record: 1-3
Last Week: 21

Andrew Luck must have been suffering from jet lag or the time change or had some bad blood sausage Sunday morning because he was all sorts of off. The first overall pick only managed 230 yards on 42 attempts, maybe the air is a little different over the pond, but Luck didn’t have any luck to save his team this week.

19. 15988562013        Jacksonville Jaguars

Record: 1-3
Last Week: 30

The Jags escaped the UK this week with a win and while that might surprise most, the Jags have been a few missed plays away from a completely different season. The Jags almost blew a 23-6 lead, but everything fell into place and the Jags stuffed their division opponents, the Indianapolis Colts on their final drive of the game to seal the victory.

18. f1wggq2k8ql88fe33jzhw641u        Carolina Panthers

Record: 1-3
Last Week: 12

Josh Norman had some strong words to the Panthers after their demolishing at the hands of the Falcons this year. Atlanta was the only team to beat the Panthers in the regular season last year and it shocked the league. This year the roles seem to be reversed.

17.   857        Kansas City Chiefs

Record: 2-2
Last Week: 9

The Chiefs did not come to play this week and it showed on the score line. The Steelers were pissed off with their performance the week prior against the Eagles that when they came home this week, they were focused purely on business. Jamal Charles only had 2 carriers for 7 yards in his return from an ACL tear last year.

16.  403        Cincinnati Bengals

Record: 2-2
Last Week: 16

AJ Green made quick work of the Dolphins on Thursday night football this week, at the same time making Ryan Tannehill look completely pedestrian. Barring the first drive for the Dolphins when Tannehill found Kenny Stills on a bomb that he held on to, they couldn’t manage to make any strides against a very tough Bengals defense.

15. im5xz2q9bjbg44xep08bf5czq        Washington Redskins

Record: 2-2
Last Week: 28

The Redskins made this week look like a contest, but they had the game in hand the whole time. Josh Norman had some words of wisdom to give to the Panthers, but still couldn’t manage to keep an ex-QB out of the end zone. After starting the season off 0-2, the Redskins might have found their groove.

14. 919        New York Giants

Record: 2-2
Last Week: 17

People criticizing Odell for his temper on the field must have never gotten fired up or frustrated in a sport before because they are labeling “problems” that don’t exist. Odell is going to be just fine, the Giants offense on the other hand is a different story. Eli seems to be more scared of throwing the ball down field than he is of getting sacked, because he threw the ball at the feet of his running back more times than he threw at Odell.

13. dcy03myfhffbki5d7il3        Green Bay Packers

Record: 2-1
Last Week: 6

Bye Week

12. g9mgk6x3ge26t44cccm9oq1vl        Oakland Raiders

Record: 3-1
Last Week: 10

Derek Carr threw for 4 touchdowns, including the go-ahead to Crabtree with just over 2 minutes left in the game. Khalil Mack has labeled Carr the “Chosen One” and with this 3-1 start he has seemingly backed it up.

11. pfiobtreaq7j0pzvadktsc6jv        Seattle Seahawks

Record: 3-1
Last Week: 8

Seattle has a very up and down offense and you never really know what you are going to get on a weekly basis. Russ and Jimmy seem to finally have figured out their chemistry and Jimmy has been reaping the benefits so far with back-to-back 100-yard games. The defense has managed to pick up some slack recently, but the toughest stretch of the season is still to come.

10. 406        Dallas Cowboys

Record: 3-1
Last Week: 7

No Dez this week, but the Cowboys still managed to beat up on Chip Kelly’s 49er’s in San Fran. The backfield combination of Dak and Zeke this year and made teams play the Cowboys completely different than they would have in the past and that learning curve has been working in favor of the Cowboys thus far.

9. 594153172016        Los Angeles Rams

Record: 3-1
Last Week: 23

Who would’ve ever thought the Rams would crack the top 10? With a stout defense that has managed to hold division opponents to just 16 points in 2 weeks. Case Keenum has shown some magic in the backfield this year. The question is, how long can the Rams keep it up?

8. 318        Baltimore Ravens

Record: 3-1
Last Week: 5

Off to a nice start this year, the Ravens only managed to lose this game when their normally spectacular 4th quarter offense failed to show up. The Ravens are still 3-1 and tied for top of their division.

7. 570        Houston Texans

Record: 3-1
Last Week: 11

The Texans made this win look a lot more difficult. Will Fuller’s punt return touchdown was the difference in this game. Without JJ Watt, the defense still managed to hold the Titans to just 3 scores, but will that change when they play a more capable offense?

6.  970        Pittsburgh Steelers

Record: 3-1
Last Week: 13

After a harrowing defeat at the hands of the Eagles, the Steelers bounced back this week and made Kansas City look like a college team. Le’Veon Bell made his much anticipated return to the field and all seemed right with the offense.

5. y71myf8mlwlk8lbgagh3fd5e0        New England Patriots

Record: 3-1
Last Week: 1

The first lost by the Patriots this season and it came with an injured QB and a WR for a backup. The Patriots started this season off 3-1 without Tom Brady, this is the best start the team could hope for, I don’t think is how Roger saw this going.

4. 299        Atlanta Falcons

Record: 3-1
Last Week: 14

Matty Ice’s season is looking very familiar to last year before the Falcons imploded on themselves, but something seems different about this year. After Julio finished this week with over 300 receiving yards against Norman-less Panthers, the Falcons seem to be rolling. You get what you pay for Atlanta.

3. 960        Philadelphia Eagles

Record: 3-1
Last Week: 4

Bye Week

2. 17227042013        Minnesota Vikings

Record: 4-0
Last Week: 3

You can’t stop the Purple People Eaters at home, the new stadium is a fresh beginning for this team and they have started out this season hotter than a pistol. The defense has already faced 3 Super Bowl winning QB’s and against those 3, has only allowed a combined 1 touchdown pass and 5 interceptions.

1. 9ebzja2zfeigaziee8y605aqp        Denver Broncos

Record: 4-0
Last Week: 2

The Broncos lost their #1 QB this week after Siemian went down with a shoulder injury, but rookie QB Paxton Lynch took the reigns and the Broncos coasted to victory.