Way Too Early


With the football season being over and done with until further notice (August), now seems like a good time to get to predicting how next season’s going to go. While most players and coaches haven’t even gone on vacation yet, it’s never too early to start overanalyzing something that’s six months away. If you’re quite the sports fan, this should be natural. 

Most Likely To Win It All:

As long as Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck are working on the same team, that team shall do well. There hasn’t been a year that has gone by in quite a while that the New England Patriots weren’t a favorite to win it all, and next season won’t be an exception.

Most Likely to Miss The Playoffs:

The Baltimore Ravens were this past season’s Super Bowl champs, so that means they’re a favorite to get back to the big game, right? Wrong. It’s been beaten over the sports world’s head that Ray Lewis isn’t coming back, it’s been speculated that Ed Reed won’t be re-signed, and it’s a given that the Ravens won’t make the playoffs.

Most Likely to Win MVP:

Michael Vick has gotten pretty good at tricking people into thinking he can revolutionize the quarterback position, but then he follows it up with an incredibly poor season, statistically. Now he’s got Chip Kelly on the sideline, a chip on his shoulder and is eyeing a chip for the city of Philadelphia. Vick’s got the tools, and with everything falling into place, we see big things on the way for him this coming season.

Most Likely to Get Fired:

After making ludicrous claims such as vowing to get to the Super Bowl and failing woefully, everyone (except Giants fans) is a little tired of Rex Ryan. Ok, maybe a lot. In a league where it’s “what have you done lately?”, Ryan hasn’t done much of anything, not to speak of lately, so we don’t see him finishing the season.

Most Likely to Surprise Everyone and Get to the Super Bowl:

The Cleveland Browns are quite possibly the laughingstock of the NFL, and even if you have your own team that you root for, there’s a small part of us all that wants the Browns to win something. The city of Cleveland still hasn’t gotten over “The Decision”, so that’s even more of a reason to hope the best for them. With the nature of the NFL, anything can happen, so we think next season will be Brown Season.