VitaWomen: The Best 5 Vitamins to Support Active Women


Despite the advances we’ve made when it comes to food and nutrition, the percentage of the general population that actually eat a well-balanced diet is a statistic that’s not worth mentioning.

Obviously, nutrition experts are well aware of this development and have gone through painstaking efforts to offset the imbalance. The short answer to alleviate the deficiency? Supplements. More specifically, vitamin supplements. While we could very well tailor our eating habits to fill in the gaps, nothing beats a quick fix, and rather than scarfing down a few extra fruits and veggies, a fruity chewable is a sufficient substitute. 

For the everyday sedentary citizen, vitamin supplements are advised. For the active athlete that we’re sure you’ve become since you’ve been adhering to that “get fit” New Years Resolution, vitamin supplements are a must. As we’ve learned from Gatorade commercials over the last who-knows-how-many decades, your body loses certain essentials during exercises that need to be replenished. Haven’t got an idea as to what vitamins you need to take? Well, what did you think this article was for?

  • B Complex: It’s common to get B12 shots for an energy boost, and frankly, all B vitamins are energy boosters. Being that there five different B vitamins, there’s a pill that compiles all of them into one, and that’s the B Complex. As an added feature, you get folic acid and biotin also, which help to prevent adrenal gland fatigue and thyroid issues in women.
  • Vitamin C: Those adrenals (next-door neighbor of kidneys) can use all the help they can get, and Vitamin C is just the ticket. Being a sort of jack-of-all-trades, Vitamin C helps with stress hormone production, infection prevention, immune system health, and of course, adrenal gland health. 
  • Vitamin D: If you’re building those muscles, you’ve got to keep those bones strong as well, and that’s where Vitamin D comes in. Promoting bone health and osteoporosis prevention, D is essential. 
  • Vitamin A: Been loading up on protein with minimal to no results? Chances are, you’re low on Vitamin A. Certainly, energy is needed to be able to work out, as is protein to build muscle, but you need Vitamin A to properly absorb that protein. In addition to that, Vitamin A fights against colds and other infections, so there’s that added plus. 
  • Vitamin E: All women know that there are just some things that are inevitable, and one of those is shark week. It’s monthly, and for the most part, always on time and on schedule. To alleviate some of the troubles that come with that time of the month, try Vitamin E.

Getting on track and staying there can be quite the task, so make things easier on yourself by supplementing that perfect diet you’ve adopted with some vitamin supplements. You’ll thank us later.