Under Armour Ruckus Backpack


For the all-purpose athlete, all-purpose accessories are essential. If you’re climbing, hiking, camping or what have you, you need a backpack to strap up in any event, and that pack is the Under Armour Ruckus Backpack.

Not only is the pack big and compartmentalized, it’s built to last no matter what elements are thrown at it. Got gear you need to keep safe from water and humidity? This bag will do just that.

Despite it being on the bigger side, its design has been streamlined for a minimalist look to keep the weight of the actual bag to a minimum, giving you more room to store heavier objects. Using Under Armour’s “Storm Gear”, the outer material is treated with a DWR finish to keep water out without sacrificing breathability.

In the category of all-purpose backpacks, there really aren’t too many that can hold a candle to the Ruckus backpack, so check it out in Black as well as the Grey/Orange color scheme at if you are a fan of the active lifestyle.