Trend Spotting: Snapbacks vs. Fitteds


Rewind about five years ago, and a fitted hat would be just about the only kind you could find anyone wearing. Things have changed over the last few years, and snapback hats have made quite the comeback since their heyday. Although snapbacks have exploded back onto the fashion scene, many people still refuse to wear them and are sticking to fitteds. Read on as we break down why some choose snapbacks, and why others stick to fitteds.



Why choose a snapback? First of all, snapbacks have an adjustable fit, meaning they will always fit our heads no matter if we grow our hair out, cut it short, or want to rock a bandanna underneath. In that sense, snapbacks prove to be more versatile than fitteds. Generally speaking, snapbacks are usually a little bit less expensive than a fitted, so why pay more money for a hat that basically looks the same?



Why choose a fitted? Probably the most obvious reason to stick with fitteds has to do with the large amounts that we have collected over the years. Many of us have stocked up on fitteds throughout the last decade, so why should we have to replace them all with snapbacks? That’s a lot of time and money that we aren’t willing to spend.

You have to consider the snapbacks vs. fitteds trends not only from a consumer standpoint, but from a manufacturing standpoint as well. Instead of companies having to produce one style of hat in many different sizes as they do with fitteds, the snapback allows a company to just produce a large run of one style with no variations. The overall manufacturing costs are cheaper, which is why they can sell a snapback at a lower price than a fitted. Because of this, more brands are producing more snapbacks and less fitteds, which also may be another reason why the snapback trend has been on the up and up.