Training With the Greats: Adrian Peterson


It’s never easy to come back from an injury, let alone a knee injury, let alone a knee injury if your sport of choice is football. Not many have been able to return and be productive, but in the case of Adrian Peterson, that’s nothing.

On December 24, 2011, Peterson suffered a torn ACL and MCL, and underwent reconstructive surgery shortly after he vowed to return at the start of next season. Recovering from such an injury in that short of a time span would be an impossible feat for most, but Peterson was not only able to come back in time, but also put together one of the best seasons by a runningback in NFL history, capturing the league MVP award.

Just how did Adrian Peterson manage to do the impossible? First of all, growing up, his nickname was “All Day”, due to his high-energy and being able to go “all day”. Naturally, that trait led to him being able to go above and beyond and push his training to another level.

For an athlete like Adrian Peterson that needs to do it all on a weekly basis, his workout regimen consists of weight training, focusing on every muscle group.

Even more important than what he does to his body is what he puts into his body. Regarding his diet, Peterson likes to keep his body lean, while adding weight in the form of muscles. To achieve those results, his foot selection consists of baked foods, seafood and carbs, with an added supplement here and there.

If you can go “All Day”, you’re already halfway there to training like Adrian Peterson. With that and the right diet and exercise regimen, being a world-class athlete shouldn’t be too far off. Coming back from a devastating knee injury and returning to the top of the NFL, that’s another story.