Training Tips for Working Off Those Holiday Pounds


It’s officially holiday season. With Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years filing in back-to-back-to-back, your 2013 resolution will most likely be to reverse the effects of those holidays. Here are a few tips to ease the burden of that uphill battle, so you can focus on other things when the new year rolls around.

A common mistake made during the holidays is taking a break from your workout habits. Bad decision. You may be off from work or school, but the workout grind doesn’t stop. Combat any possible weight gain before it happens and stay in the gym.

This tip is simple, but probably the hardest to actually do. Eat less. The less you eat, the less you have to work on getting rid of, and with three holidays up against you, you need to keep the weight at bay as much as possible.

Most importantly, you want to stay as positive and focused as possible. If you happen to miss a few workout sessions or overindulge this holiday season, don’t get down, it happens. Just use it as motivation to get back after it and back where you want to be.