Training In The Summer


Although you might carry over the workout regimen that you started earlier this year, it’d be a good idea to switch things up as the summer temperatures start to climb. Need tips on how to keep training, but still beat the heat? We’ve got the answers.

Drink water. It’s a given that it’s going to get hot just like every other summer before this one, and nothing has changed when it comes to staying cool. Drinking water will allow you to sweat, and sweat on your skin cools you down. When you stop sweating, that’s when the problems arise.

Start early. Ultimately, you want to get out and after it while the sun is out, but there are specific times to get out there. Early in the morning and later on in the evening are the best times as there is ample sunlight, while temperature is kept to a relative minimum.

Pace yourself. Most times, it doesn’t hurt to push yourself a little bit, but when the stakes and temperatures are high, it’d be best to hold off and get a breather.

Things to avoid: dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. How do you know you’re experiencing these things? If you stop sweating, that’s a tell-tale sign. If you’re seeing dark spots in your vision, you’re in trouble. Feeling confused, dizzy, or experiencing unusual fatigue? You’ve gone too far with your workout. If you run into these symptoms, try to drink a much water as reasonably possible. If possible, get to a shower or sink and get water on your face/body as soon as possible.

If all else fails, seek medical attention.