Totally Tie Dye


We don’t know where some trends come from, but when they do come, they come out of nowhere. It looks like the next big thing on the horizon is one that has made its rounds before, circa 1960s. Tie dye is back, and while it may seem gradual, it’s surely on its way. Don’t get caught off-guard and check out some new items that FinishLine just got in that are right in line with the tie dye wave that’s on its way.

If you’ve got any tie dye shirts laying around, you know that they are one-of-a-kind in that they don’t match with anything, yet match with pretty much everything at the same time. The easiest thing to do in this case is go with the flow and make it tie-dye with the Under Armour Print Blocked ColdGear Tights. Available in a number of colors, you can either be modest of go against the grain with an outrageous hue to stand out. Not to mention this pair of tights are specially engineered to be suitable for all temperatures, making them season-proof.

This may seem like a stretch, but they’ve even got tie-dye backpacks now, and they actually aren’t bad looking. JanSport’s Big Student Backpack is the classic model that hasn’t been changed over the years because it simply just works. To keep things fresh and current, JanSport decided to up the ante and adorn this bag in an orange and purple tie-dye for an edgy and “out-there” look.

Although socks don’t ever see too much daylight, leaving them out of the tie-dye craze would just be absurd. Given that reality, they’ve been invited to the party in the form of a Performance No Show 3 Pack featuring yellow, neon green and hot pink options. Your socks may not make too many surprise appearances, but if/when they do, make sure you make a statement and pick up the tie-dye triple pack.

Make sure to catch the wave of the tie-dye before the bandwagon’s full. To check out these items and more, head over to, where the selection knows no bounds.