Top Five Jordan Jackets


If you’ve picked up a pair of Jordans recently or are expecting some this holiday season, you might want to add a matching jacket to your wishlist. To make it easy for you, we’ve got the top five Jordan jackets to get you through the winter looking fly like Mike.

Jordan Varsity Jacket: For a casual, yet versatile option the Varsity Jacket is the way to go. Its full-snap closure on the front and striped rib-cuffs give this jacket a classic, retro look.

Jordan Retro 4 Caged Up Jacket: Another casual option to look at is the Retro 4 Caged Up Jacket. It’s sleek, comfortable and sure to keep your swagger intact.

Jordan Baffled Vest: This one is interesting, because it’s not necessarily a jacket, but we thought we’d throw it in there anyway. The Baffled Vest still packs the warmth of a full-blown jacket and adds a whole nother level of style to your wardrobe.

Jordan Hyperply Down Player Jacket: Looks can be deceiving as this beefy bubble jacket is surprisingly lightweight. Although it does more than enough to keep you warm, it also features zip vents for optional breathability.

Jordan VIP Letterman Jacket: Although similar in style, this isn’t your ordinary letterman jacket. If you can appreciate ultimate comfort, unique style and your swag needs an upgrade, check out the Jordan VIP Letterman Jacket.