Top 4 Instagram and Twitter Accounts to Follow for Fitness/Health


We already know how to eat right and exercise, as it’s been covered that there’s most certainly an app for that. When it comes to finding the motivation to actually follow through with eating right and exercising, that’s another story. But, to be honest, in a way, there is an app for that, too.

Looking to Twitter and Instagram, there are a few accounts that aim to motivate and happen to do a pretty fine job, all by way of leading by example and giving you helpful tips.


1. @fitness

The twitter handle of Amy Mac, her tweets are peppered with tips and tricks here and there, with the occasional photo of her newborn thrown in the mix.

“My wisdom for the week- it is best to be in shape and then train for a triathlon. Doing the tri training to get into shape is rough!”

2. @womenshealthmag

It’s the magazine in Twitter form, so essentially, you’ve got the magazine on you at all times and on-the-go.

“3 times to be brutally honest with a friend:

3. @FitBottomedGirl

This handle’s bio reads as such, “Keeping a lid on the junk in the trunk”. Safe to say that’s a pretty good explanation.

“Reason #5 you might be an FBG: You don’t take coffee breaks; you take foam-rolling breaks. #FBGLife

4. @GoodHealth

It’s all information and no frills with this twitter account. With it boasting 1.8 million followers, we’ve got to say that the tips are ones worth taking note of.

“Knock out your #workout this this bangin’ #boxing move! The knee strike tones your abs and back. #fitness



From motivational photos to motivational quotes, this fitness photostream is quite influential if you need a swift kick in the sweatpants.

2. @SpirituallyFly 

Providing you with some beautiful yoga positions and passionate life messages, Faith Hunter is the one to get spiritually-inspired with.


Accepting submissions, this instagram account is mostly based on girls sending in their own before and after photos to inspire others to keep at it.

4. @greatist

No, that’s not misspelled. It’s their term for those looking to achieve greatness, and through beautiful photos of healthy snacks and the like, greatness isn’t that far away.