Top 10 Comebacks in Sports


3. Game 4


The Celtics looked to be done against the Lakers in game 4 of 2008, Jack Nicholson was already celebrating a tied series and the Lakers were going to be confident going back to Boston for game 5. LA might have gotten a little too ahead of themselves, but in a different situation being up 24 points might be a cause to take your foot off the pedal a little bit. Unfortunately for the Lakers, this was not one of those games.

The Celtics would be begin to chip away at the deficit and ending the 3rd on a 21-3 run doesn’t hurt either. After Paul Pierce “recovered” from his injury in game 1 and this incredible comeback in game 4, the Lakers had to come up with a response and thats what they did. Kobe was Kobe and the Lakers forced a game 7, his efforts would fall short though and the Celtics would win the series.