Top 10 Comebacks in Sports


4. Memorable Man City

Finally beating up your big brother is a memorable day. It’s the day you can finally defend yourself and start making a name for yourself other than little brother. That’s exactly what Manchester City did in 2012, ending a 44 year drought, but the way they did is what makes this so incredible. Imagine your older brother thinks he has you again, and just when he begins to celebrate, you take it from him. That’s what Man City did to big brother Man United.

Manchester United and Manchester City both played on Championship Sunday, Man U started the day one point behind Man City in the tables. Man U won their final game, 1-0, putting them on top of the table, clear of Man City by 2 points. Man City was still playing though and they were struggling against a Queens Park Rangers squad that should have come easy to them. Man City has to win theirĀ game if they want to be crowned champions, but heading into stoppage time City trailed by a goal and fans were uneasy. But uneasiness turned to delirium as City scored 2 goals in the last 5 minutes of stoppage time to complete one of the most absurd comebacks in English Premier League History.