Top 10 Comebacks in Sports


6. T-Mac gets 13 in 33


In another dominating performance by an individual, Tracy McGrady was the epitome of basketball for this one night. McGrady put on a show of epic proportions in Houston in one of the most dominating 30 seconds in basketball history. No one would have seen this coming, the Spurs coached by legend, Greg Popovich, are always a defense first team. They live under the motto “good defense leads to easy offense” (Thanks 2k), so we’re surprised that Pop didn’t just leave the stadium right then and there.

The Rockets were down by 8 with 40 seconds left in the 4th against the San Antonio Spurs. McGrady took some ill-advised shots that any mere mortal would have been benched for even thinking about taking, but for those 30 seconds T-Mac wasn’t just a basketball player, he was divine. McGrady hit 4 3-pointers and a free throw to complete the ever elusive 4-point play in that :30 span. What makes this even more remarkable is that fact that McGrady only shot 32% from 3 during the regular season.