Top 10 Comebacks in Sports


8. New Miracle at the New Meadowlands


The New York/Philadelphia rivalry is one that goes back many, many generations and spans across multiple major sports. Neither fan base shies away from the opportunity to stick it to the other, so when one team executes one of the best comebacks in NFL history against their rivals it was pandemonium. Called the New Miracle at the Meadowlands, the Giants were on the receiving end of another miraculous comeback at the hands of their bitter rivals.

The Giants scored the first points of the 4th quarter to put the Giants up 31-10. The Eagles were down big with just over 8 minutes left in the game and with playoff aspirations on the line they needed a quick spark to get back into it. The Eagles would put up 21 points in a span of 6 minutes and with time expiring, DeSean Jackson would return a 65 yard muffed punt to win the game and propel the Eagles into the playoffs. Jackson would be the first player in NFL history to return a punt with time expiring for the win.