Top 10 Comebacks in Sports


9. The Miracle Minute

Jay. Williams. A name that will live in Duke Blue Devil history forever. Ask any die hard Duke fan about the Miracle Minute and they will tell you they believed the whole time. Coming into this game, Duke was 18-1 in the season and had previously won the last 43 of 44 regular-season ACC games. In a clash of ACC rivals, the #10 Terps looked like they would knock off #2 Duke making Maryland the only ACC team to beat Duke in the past 45 ACC games.

Coach K called a timeout with  with only a minute to go and Maryland up 10. Duke fans, in despair, started to make their way to the exits. Maryland fans, brimming with hysteria, were counting down the seconds until they could rub this win in to every Duke fan they knew. College Park was rocking, but it wouldn’t last long. College Park went from a party to a wake in 20 seconds. With :40 left in the game, the Terp lead had been cut from 10 to just 2 after Jay Williams put the team on his back and decided to play hero ball.

The comeback wouldn’t happen in regulation, but Duke did enough to force another 5 minutes of basketball and would eventually leave College Park the victors after a 98-96 victory.