Top 10 Comebacks in Sports


1. ’04 Sox


Preposterous: contrary to reason or common sense; utterly absurd or ridiculous. Depending on what version dictionary you’re using, you will probably find a picture of the 2004 Boston Red Sox next to this word. If ever there was a sport for the superstitious, this was it. The Curse of the Bambino was one of the longest and most devastating of them all. Year after year, heartbreak after heartbreak, Red Sox fans would end October with a sigh and a maybe next year, but this year was different. Something was in the air this postseason and the Sox caught it.

No team had ever come back from 3-0 in baseball and with a star studded roster and long time rival the New York Yankees against them, it didn’t look like this would be the year for the Sox. The Red Sox trailed 4-3 in the bottom of the 9th against the Yankees in game 4, but what happened that night in Boston will be remembered forever by Yankee and Red Sox fans alike. What it lead to will be remembered by all sports fans forever. This team was the definition of preposterous, in the best sense imaginable. Bye Bye Bambino, and good riddance.