Top 10 Comebacks in Sports


2. Two Wrongs don’t make a Reich


Not many stories about the Bills have happy ending, fortunately this is one of the few that do. It’s a comeback story as well as an underdog story and that’s like the perfect storm of feel good moments.

Buffalo Bills starting quarterback and future Hall of Famer, Jim Kelly, was injured the final week of the regular season and the hopes of Buffalo reaching a third straight Super Bowl laid squaring on the shoulder pads of backup quarterback, Frank Reich. Reich did not have a sharp first half, losing 28-3. Whatever Reich did in the locker room is his business,  but whatever he did it worked and the man came out on a mission. The Bills scored 28 points in the 3rd quarter to Houston’s 7. The Bills would outscore the Oilers 7-3 in the 4th and Steve Christie gave them the win in overtime after nailing a 32 yard field goal.