The Story Behind the Spine Lazer


Do shoes just magically appear on shelves? Nope, there’s a long process for how a pair of shoes are designed, created and brought to life in stores. It’s one thing to read the tech sheet to find out information about them, but how do the shoes actually come to fruition from the time the assignment hits the designer’s desk to the time we see them on Finish Line shelves?

In order to find out first hand we traveled to the Under Armour Headquarters in Baltimore to meet up with Senior Lead Designer, Ross Klein, to uncover the process of how the Spine Lazer came to life.

The Under Armour Spine Lazer, available exclusively at Finish Line, is the third shoe in the Spine Trilogy. The shoe was designed as a lightweight running shoe that features a die cut upper and Spine Chassis with Micro G Cushioning that provides the support you need to run stronger and train longer.

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