The Return of the Shaqnosis


If you asked anyone 15 years ago how they felt about the Reebok Shaq signature line, your question would most certainly and quite immediately be met with uncontrollable laughter. A lot has changed in the last decade and a half, so unsurprisingly, there’s been a change of heart with regards to Shaq’s former kicks.

When it came to the design of Shaq signature sneakers, it was always about being daring, especially when you consider that the brand had to go up against the likes of the most iconic sneaker line of all-time. While that may not have sat well with consumers at the time, as of recent, there has been a certain heightened level of appreciation for Reebok’s willingness to step outside of the box, aesthetically.

Enter the return the of the Reebok Shaqnosis. Hoping to build upon and eclipse the success of the Shaq Attaq, the Shaqnosis is not nearly as modest as its predecessor. Former detractors of the model have turned into fanatics, citing nostalgia as their sole reason for wanting to see these kicks make a return, and here they are in grand form and fashion.

Despite being draped in only two colors, Reebok takes what they’ve been handed to the max, with the shoe boasting oscillating, concentric ovals that expand from the midsole of the shoe. There’s not much that can be said about the sneaker, but for you to behold it for yourself. 

What you see before you will be released for you to possess come July 12, so prepare for its return.