The Prince of Palettes: Craig Sager


Craig Sager might be one of the highest regarded sideline reporters of all-time. He is currently in a fight for his life, battling a resurgence in Leukemia that was originally diagnosed in 2014. He is known for many things, whether it’s photobombing the Fresh Prince, or his bromance with Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, but most of all, he is known for his sensational wardrobe.

Sager has been a sideline reporter for the better part of four decades and a fashion standout since his first ever on-field interview with new Home Run leader, Hank Aaron back in 1972, sporting a sleek white trench coat before it was a cool trend. People have hated on Sager’s outfits, but shooters gonna shoot and Craig Sager has done to colorful sport coats what Angus Young has done to prep school uniforms, they’ve immortalized them. Craig Sager and his sideline outfits will live in NBA lore for generations to come. #SagerStrong