The Nike Free Bionic is the Difference Maker


Following their slogan, Nike just does it. So when they introduced their Free technology almost a decade ago, it almost wasn’t surprising that the brand had crafted yet another innovation.

Sticking to “just do it,” they’ve taken the Free system one step further with the debut of the Nike Free Bionic. Judging by the name, you might overlook this model as just another one in a long line of incrementally advanced sneakers. Well, you can just above cast those thoughts aside.

With high-intensity workouts more popular than ever, it only made sense for Nike to answer the call and demand for a specialized sneaker to aid women taking part in such exercises. That answer is the Nike Free Bionic.

Taking a look at high-intensity training, the list of demands is a long one. It’s quick and it’s challenging, featuring activities like kickboxing, interval training, kettlebells and more. Despite all of that, the Free Bionic has been engineered to withstand not only those, but even more on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Coupling the Free technology and a low profile outsole, wearers can truly feel the floor, aiding balance and stability. Overlays on the toes and arch provide more protection and even more support.

Despite all of this support, stability and durability, the shoe still manages to remain lightweight, flexible and comfortable.

So, if you’re into high-intensity training and your current shoe just isn’t up to par, check out the Free Bionic for a much-needed upgrade.