The Heisman Finalists


Is there such a thing as a three-fourths-back? Because with two of the top Heisman hopefuls essentially being quarterbacks and halfbacks rolled into one, there might need to be changes made to the depth chart. Check out our top-3 picks that are running and gunning and racking up touchdowns in the Heisman race.

Johnny Manziel: Everything about this guy is amazing. He single-handedly dispatched the Alabama Crimson Tide, the then #1 team in the nation. He’s responsible for roughly two-thirds of his team’s touchdowns. His 4,600+ yards of total offense is an SEC record – besting both Tim Tebow and Cam Newton who each walked with a Heisman of their own. Did we mention he’s only a freshman?

Collin Klein: The #1 guy on one of the nation’s best all-around teams. Coming off a strong win against Texas and poised to lead his Wildcats into a showdown in Tempe with the Ducks, his team would not be in this position without his play and leadership.

Manti Te’o: Trying to become the first defense-only player to win the Heisman is certainly no easy task. Just ask Charles Woodson who had to play offense as well to help push him into the elite Heisman fraternity. Te’o led the Irish with seven interceptions and just one off the nation’s leader.

Tune in to ESPN this Saturday at 8PM EST for the presentation of this year’s trophy.