The Great Escape from Winter


It’s cold outside, but you know that already. You’re tired of it, and you’re tired of hearing about it. We’re not going to go into detail about how rough it’s been, or even that it’s going to probably get even worse. We won’t discuss that. What we will do is tell you about some places to get to to get away from the cold and all this cold talk. There are three places we have in mind, so we’ll keep it short and sweet, plenty sunny and heat.

The number one destination for anyone looking for a relaxing vacation without needing a passport is Hawaii. It never rains in Southern California, but in Hawaii it never does anything, but look and feel amazingly beautiful year round. The main island is the most popular of the bunch, but we suggest taking things to a calmer resort on Kauai. Fly out, take a trip and spend your winter there. Pack heavy, you might want to stay through spring.

You don’t have to be of retirement age to go to this next destination and have a good winter. We’re talking about the Sunshine state, Florida. If warm beaches and frozen daiquiris are your bag, check out Key West. Winter is more than just a season, it’s a state of mind. With that in mind, go with the mindset to relax, maybe take a stroll and just sip margaritas.

The last destination on our list is an overlooked one since, like Hawaii, it’s not a part of the continental United States. If you’re looking for a American/International place where you can spend some familiar currency, check out Puerto Rico. With so many tourist attractions, you may be tempted to venture out and see with the island has to offer. Don’t! Relax, enjoy your stay, and reflect back on how awesome it is to be outside without being bundled up.