Surviving Your Child’s Traveling Sports Team Schedule


With spring and summer quickly approaching, tis the season for traveling sports teams. Long weekends and long drives could be the way you and your family spend a majority of the warmer months, so we’ve compiled some tips to keep you and your family happy and healthy.


First, experts recommend you take a good, hard look at your budget and time commitments prior to signing your young athlete up for a traveling team. Up front costs are almost always less than what you will end up spending, and depending on how serious the coach and players are, you could end up adding extra tournaments, jerseys and meals to the budget before you know it. Be sure you can follow through on whatever you sign your child up for, before it’s too late.


Also, get your vehicle ready. Most likely, you will be driving to and from tournaments on the weekends. Make sure your car is ready for the daily grind by having the oil checked and preparing a spare tire, etc. A little preparation could save you time and money down the road.


Finally, be sure to have a talk with your child about the demands of a traveling team. Although it’s important they take the commitment seriously, you also want to make the experience is fun. Help your child set realistic goals and encourage them to enjoy the ride. Making connections with other families and coaches can enhance the experience and create lifelong friendships. It will make the summer memorable and fun for you and your family (Information