Summer Camp Essentials


While your child may be eager for the summer to start, we understand if you, the parent, aren’t as excited. Three months of freedom for them often means three months of, well, you know. Best thing to do in this situation, get them involved in things to take up all that ample time. So, ship them away this summer to summer camp. Before you send them off, prepare them for the time away with these essentials.

1. Clothing

This may seem like a given, but it is an area that most under-prepare for. For every day your kid is at camp, they should have a shirt, socks, underwear and lower body garment (and a few extra for good measure).

2. Shoes

Summer camp can be unpredictable, so it’s important to prepare for any scenario. Throw in some flip-flops, water shoes, sneakers and maybe even some hiking boots, just in case they decide to go trekking.

3. Water Bottle

Whether your little one will be given one at camp is unknown, so to avoid that possibility, go ahead and add a water bottle to their duffel bag. The sun in the summer months can be relentless.

4. Sunscreen

Although a sunburn often translates to a nice tan, getting burned is never a pleasant experience. A few bottles of sunblock and instructions to use it religiously would be an essential tip.

5. Bugspray

You never know what you may encounter in the great outdoors, but one things for sure, you don’t want to encounter it while slapping away bugs.

6. Pen and Pad

Chances are, the memories your child will create at summer camp will last a lifetime, for everything else, a journal will suffice to save those memories.