Stylish Gym Bags


While your clothes and shoes may seem like the focal points of your outfit, a true person of style knows that it all comes together with the accessories. From a simple hat to an eye-catching watch, a little extra can go a long way. This time around, we’re filling you in on some bags from Nike to check out that are both functional and help complement and complete your look.

With a billed height of 20″ and weighing in at virtually nothing, the Nike Bucket Sling Bag makes a big, bold statement, while remaining versatile and functional. If you need something for everyday, this is your bag. Featuring a dual-carry strap system, you can wear this bag as a tote or across your body.

If you’re hitting the gym, you don’t have to be forced to tote around an unsightly duffel bag. Sometimes, you just don’t need to carry that much, and for those times, there’s the Nike Legend 2.0 Tote. With both big and small storage compartments, there’s a place for everything. For hectic weather conditions or just a sweaty workout bench, the bag is covered in a water-resistant finish to ensure your gear stays dry.

For those looking to stand out (because we know y’all are out there) Nike’s got the Graphic Play Tote Bag that’s simple and eye-catching. With the words “Just Do It” plastered on the side, it’s perfect for those needing a little added motivation and also those wanting to catch the attention of onlookers. It’s one-compartment design makes it perfect for just about any item; from shoes to yoga attire to just a gym towel.