Style Icon: Nate Robinson


Twenty-nine year-old Nate Robinson knows a thing or two about basketball, but what you probably did not know is that he also knows a thing or two about fashion.

When it comes to Nate’s style, he has a more casual approach than some of his NBA peers like LeBron or Stoudemire, reflecting his young and fun personality.

Nate Robinson is always decked out in the newest and freshest gear. His footwear selection usually includes the most recent Air Jordan Retro releases, as well as some of the latest sneakers from Nike like the Free Flyknit.

Since Nate is a Nike sponsored athlete, you know he gets hooked up with the newest apparel selections, too. Oftentimes you can see him rocking Nike scripted tees to complement his youthful vibe.

Another thing that sets Nate apart from others is his massive collection of hats. You’ll probably never see him in the same hat twice, whether it be a Chicago White Sox Snap Back or Boston Red Sox New Era.

You may not be able to play like Nate Robinson, but you certainly can dress like him.