Style Icon: LeBron James


He’s perhaps the most talked about man in sports, and unquestionably one of the greatest basketball players to ever step foot on the hardwood. It doesn’t matter what city you go to, everyone is talking about LeBron James.

He’s in the public’s eye more so than anyone else in sports, which may be the reason why he always tries to look his best. Everyone knows he’s one of the best in the NBA, but you might not know that he is one of the best dressed men in the league as well.

Photo courtesy of: @kingjames

One thing about LeBron’s style that sets him apart from other fashionable athletes is his taste. Perhaps it came with the move down to Miami, but you can really tell that LeBron has a taste for the finer things in life. Yes, he’s the wear sunglasses at night type, but can we blame him when cameras are constantly flashing in his face?

As any tasteful dresser knows, there are certain occasions where it’s acceptable to wear certain things, and there are other occasions where it is not. LeBron understands this very well, which is why he is usually the center of attention at whatever event he is attending.

From his casual style of just some cargo shorts, a tee shirt, and a pair of his signature Nike Lebron shoes, to his fine pressed suits at the ESPY Awards, LeBron is never under-dressed or over-dressed. Managing to do that and still stand out can be a very difficult task, but LeBron makes it look effortless.

New photos of LeBron surface on the Internet, in magazines, and on television daily, making him more in the spotlight than any other NBA athlete. Amazingly, nobody ever catches Mr. James looking a mess, and his style is always on point. He seems to know exactly what to wear and where to wear it, and for that, LeBron James is nothing short of a Style Icon.

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