Style Guide – How to Wear Sneaker Wedges in Summer


Just because something’s in style, doesn’t mean you get an automatic pass to wear it however you like without committing a fashion faux pas. This goes especially for sneaker wedges that made their debut last fall and seem to be sticking around for the summertime. While there’s nothing wrong with carrying over a sneaker that has become a staple in your rotation, you gotta switch your style up for the warmer months. This shouldn’t be too tall of a task, but nevertheless, we’re here to help point you in the right direction on how to rock those modified kicks in the summer. 

Starting with the obvious, since it’s the summer, you can break out those shorts and skirts that have been neatly folded away all winter. If you’re going to go this route, it’d probably be a good idea to keep your socks at a low to no-show level.

While you might want to stray away from the longer lower body garments, a light and long flowy skirt (preferably equipped with a sizable slit) will give you a different look if you’re feeling a little less leggy.

For your upper region, luckily, if it works for short shorts, it’ll work just fine for the longer stuff. Tees and tanks are both summer-ready and plenty chic. It wouldn’t hurt to throw a light cardigan on top (with the sleeves rolled up) or keep it handy just in case the temps drop as the sun goes down. 

In most places, summertime is almost synonymous with sunny skies, so if you stumble upon a pair of wayfarer-framed sunglasses, get them. After making a comeback a few years ago, their popularity hasn’t slowed up yet, so grabbing a pair bearing the versatile and timeless shape is a must.

With regards to headgear, you can go either way. So, if hats are your thing and you don’t have a fedora stashed away somewhere, it’d be a good idea to look into acquiring one, because for this look, it’s the perfect fit. 

Overall, one thing to keep in mind is that neutral and muted colors are what you should target for your tops and bottoms, while letting your accessories stand out with eye-catching colors.