Spring Marathon Guide


Thankfully, winter is on its way out the door, and we’re approaching the gray area right before the summer, dubbed “Spring”. With better weather conditions on the horizon, now’s a good time to get out there and after it in preparation for marathon season. If you needed a little reminder of what’s to come, we’ve got you covered.

The LA Marathon is coming up, and you better wear green because it’s on St. Patrick’s Day. Los Angeles somehow always finds a way to have awesome weather, so there shouldn’t be any surprises here. It should make for an awesome race.

The Boston Marathon will take place about a month later, and in the United States, the competition is about as good as it gets. Although registration is closed, you still have a chance to join in on it in April through one of the 35 official marathon charities.

If you’re overseas, you should keep the London Marathon on your radar, and if you are looking for the ultimate city street marathon, and you didn’t get a chance to make it to New York, this is the next best thing.

Nashville is not only the Country Music capital of the world, but it’s also the host of the Country Music Marathon. Bring your spouse, kids and your family, because everyone is invited. If you were looking for a reason to take a trip to Nashville, now’s the best time to do it.

Last, but not least, is the Big Sur Marathon. If you thought the Boston Marathon was as good as it gets, there’s another marathon in April that takes place in California that will definitely change your mind. This one literally doesn’t need more explanation than the fact that it’s on the Pacific Coast Highway. Those 26 miles will be a dream.

With it being running season and having some running room, now’s the time for running shoes. Go check out what we have at You’ll be sure to find something that coincides with the reason for the season.