Spring Break Alternatives


Spring Break is here, and we know that many of you have already booked your plane tickets and hotels for Panama City, Cancun, or South Padre. If you aren’t the party type, or just plain sick of the same ol’ Spring Break destinations, check out our list of alternative Spring Breaks that are just as fun as getting wasted on the beach. Not to mention, you’ll actually remember what you did during Spring Break as well.


Snowboarding or Skiing

Instead of hitting the beach for Spring Break, why not hit the slopes? There is nothing more beautiful than snow capped mountains and there is nothing more refreshing than that cool mountain air. If you’ve been snowboarding or skiing before, then you know just exactly how fun it is, and if you haven’t, well, it’s never too late to start!



Nothing can bring a family or group of friends together like roughin’ it in the great outdoors, so consider going camping as a great Spring Break alternative. Enjoying the amenities of a luxurious hotel is easy, but enjoying the primal feelings we get from camping is much more challenging and rewarding. So instead of taking on the challenge of binge drinking, take on the challenge of Mother Nature during Spring Break.


Service Learning

If you are looking for the ultimate rewarding Spring Break, spend it helping out others who are in need. Many churches, non-profit organizations, and institutions have alternative Spring Break programs solely dedicated to helping out those who need a helping hand. These include such things as building houses for people with Habitat for Humanity, and they truly are the best things you can do with your time off.