Socks for Sports


Way back when, performance started and stopped with the sneakers you had on your feet. In this day and age of technology, Nike and Under Armour are taking things to the next level, starting from the inside out.

Performance sneakers have been around for years, and while technology continues to advance in that direction, the age of the performance sock has come.

For football, Nike has introduced the Nike Dri-FIT Performance Crew Football Socks designed to work in unison with your shoes without distraction. For an active sport like football, sweating is a given, so the sock is composed of Nike’s Dri-FIT material, and ventilation panels are built-in to keep things cool. Some bonus features that have been added come in the form of compression arch support and a Y-stitch heel, perfected for the gridiron.

With regards to handling sweat, Under Armour took a similar approach with their Zagger Crew Basketball Socks, using moisture-wicking technology in the material. That feature is intended to keep you dry and comfortable on the court. With moisture kept to a minimum, germs shouldn’t be a problem, but Under Armour has taken an extra step by implementing odor-resistant technology to fight against odor-causing bacteria and athlete’s foot.

For you runners out there, Nike hasn’t left you out of the performance sock party. The Nike Elite Anti-Blister Lightweight OTC Running Socks¬†are your invitation. Mesh panels and Dri-FIT fabric will keep you dry and ventilated, and with the socks being knee-high, they also deliver support via advanced compression technology.

It’s never a bad idea to get a fresh new pair of socks, and in this case, getting some specialized performance socks is just what you need to take it to the next level. Whatever your sport of choice is, check these out and also the vast selection we have over at