Social Media & Sneakers


It’s truly unbelievable how the sneaker game has evolved over the 28 years since the release of the original Air Jordan 1 in 1985.  The materials, the brands and retailers, the marketing strategies and the consumer habits and demand are all a far cry from the days of the OGs.  But nothing has had a bigger impact on the game than social media and the customer’s dependence on this medium for information.

The amount of platforms for a customer to engage with the brands and products is countless.  This era of social media has spawned all kinds of apps, forums, websites and blogs designed specifically to quench the thirst of the sneakerhead.

It’s not only the shoes that sneakerheads thirst over these days, but also the content and the flow of information.  The race to be first to drop news about a new release or colorway or the desire to give enthusiasts the best look at a particular shoe, soaks up the time in between launch dates.

The sneaker enthusiast isn’t just consuming the products that they love every other Saturday anymore; they are consuming all of the pictures, vines, you tube videos and articles as well.  The content on these platforms is just as valuable, if not more valuable to sneakerheads as the merchandise itself.

Now the consumer has a place to speak up or talk back.  Any retailer knows this all too well as customers that miss out on the latest release take to their favorite medium to voice their disappointment and displeasure in the most eloquent of ways.  The social media craze is what turned the love of shoes into “Sneaker Culture” and the people in this sub-culture are known to each other by their screen names or twitter handles.  Reality is totally suspended as people delve into space to pursue their passion.

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Which social media network do you use to keep up with sneakers?