Secret Workout Weapons


Personal trainers are just for guiding you in your workout. Sometimes, you need a drill sergeant to whip you into shape and push you when you feel you’ve given it your all. Frankly, you won’t be blessed the presence of a personal trainer, and as you know, those are often the days when it’s the hardest to push through your workout. Normally, we’d prescribe an app to keep you going and take you the next level, but this time, it’s items that you need to add to your arsenal that have the inherent influence to power you on through. You are five items away from getting the most out of your workout when everything’s on the line.

1. Under Armour Elliptic Headband

Stray hairs and sweat getting in your eyes can get downright annoying, so in this case, all you need is a headband, and the best one around is from Under Armour, the action sports apparel expert. 

2. Yurbuds Inspire Headphones

We don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s best to just tune out all the noise and distractions in the gym and blare your music at the loudest allowable decibel level. If that’s your thing, your buds will inspire you to do just that (Get it? Yur-buds?).

3. Nike Elite Bicep Band

Can’t blast those tunes without a music player, and stuffing it in your pocket just isn’t going to work. Strap it to your arm, load up your playlist and tune in to your workout. 

4. Casio G-Shock XL Digital Watch

It’s possible to get too locked in, so keep a timepiece on hand, or rather on wrist, to make sure you’re not working out too hard for too long.

5. Nike Graphic No-Show Socks

What does this have to do with powering you throw your workout? Very little, but who doesn’t like a new pair of socks? The new feel, the plush inner lining. Who wouldn’t want to workout if you’ve got some socks that are waiting to be broken in?