Running Innovations: Puma Mobium


Natural motion has been the newest trend in running shoe technology, and the highly revered brand Puma has recently came up with their answer to the increasingly popular trend. The all new Puma Mobium is unlike anything we have seen on a running shoe before, and features new technologies that are revolutionary to the natural motion running design.

Mobium’s Motion

Natural movement is all about flexibility, which the Mobium comes well equipped with, but what makes the Mobium different from other natural motion runners is its ability to expand and contract. Just like an actual puma’s foot, the Mobium compresses and contracts to provide propulsion and expands to provide cushioning.

The Mobium Band

All of this is possible thanks to the Mobium Band, which mirrors the shape and placement of the plantar fascia. By doing this, the Mobium minimizes the difference that a regular shoe would have on a runner’s gait, allowing the shoe to adapt to the ever-changing motions of the foot. All of this may sound a little confusing, but it is something that you won’t truly understand until you actually try a pair on for yourself.

The design team over at Puma knew that your feet change up to 6% from movement to movement, and there were currently no shoes on the market with the ability to adapt to this change. After much research and testing, they found the solution to the problem, and thanks to the Mobium Band and uniquely designed outsole, the Puma Mobium is the first natural motion shoe to incorporate the elements of expansion and contraction.