Bringing In The New Year with Our Best of 2017


New Years Day is around the corner and to celebrate all of the cultural, sneaker style and Finish Line collaborations in 2017, we turned to our top influencers to highlight those moments. With a little help from @mrfoamersimpson, @_modernfit, @kustoo, @kaitfitzy, @thendrw, @montanaefaw, @oscar_castillo, @atothebed, @nikestories and @sillygirlcarmen we reminisced on some of the top stories of the year. Check out the questions and their answers below!

1. What was your favorite sports moment of 2017?

@kaitfitzy: Shalane Flanagan becoming the first American WOMAN to win the New York Marathon in 40 years!!

@thendrw: It’s actually a very recent one, Kobe Bryant’s jersey retirement ceremony. Time flies and I can’t believe it’s already been two years since Kobe announced his retirement in his “Dear Basketball” monologue. It was a bittersweet moment watching my favorite athlete have his jerseys retired.

@atothebedThis one creeped in at the last minute – LeBron giving his daughter candy mid-game. Mad funny.

2. What was your favorite sneaker model of 2017?

@_modernfitFor comfort, it would be adidas Ultraboost laceless. For style, adidas Iniki’s

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@atothebedThis one is TOUGH. I’ve been trying to work on my own list and 2017 was abundant with heat. I really wanted to go with the unpopular choice but I really think Nike x Off White won 2017 hands down. Virgil really pushed the boundaries with what designers could do with major brands and created the most coveted sneakers of the year.

@nikestoriesThe Nike SF AF1 “String

3. What was your favorite city to travel to in 2017?

@mrfoamersimpsonSlovenia. It was just a beautiful country. It felt like a Disney movie or something. Castles, rivers, perfect weather – it was amazing. 

@kustooMy favorite city to travel to in 2017 was London. I was only there for a few days, but the vibe and feel of the city was completely
different. The energy around the town is crazy and the style made me
switch up a few things in my own wardrobe.

@montanaefaw: Between the Super Bowl, Coachella, and tour with Lady Gaga I was in a lot of cities in 2017! I loved Palm Springs especially this year because I’ve never been and to experience it as a performer was so epic. It was so hot but a fun couple weekends. 

4. What’s your favorite music project that dropped this year?

@mrfoamersimpsonI have to go with 4:44. There was a lot of good music but Hov took the crown back in 2017.

@kaitfitzyThe Perfect Duet- Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé. I also love the collabs on the Ty Dolla $ign Beach House 3 album.

@atothebedDaniel Caesar – Freudian. It’s such a beautiful album and it makes me so happy to see Toronto artists glo up.

5. What was your favorite show in 2017? 

@mrfoamersimpsonGame of Thrones. 

@kustooMy favorite show of 2017 was Stranger Things on Netflix, Big Bang Theory on TV, and Sneaker Youtube as a whole for the internet.

@montanaefawSTRANGER THINGS !!!!!!! Definitely my favorite show this year. 

6. What was the biggest surprise in style trends this year?

@mrfoamersimpsonDad shoes is the only answer here, right? Haha!

@oscar_castilloLate 90’s sporty fashion came back hard.

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@sillygirlcarmenWhen pictures and talk of the men’s rompers hit the web that was definitely a surprise. Still not sure how I’m feeling about that one.

7. What was your favorite meme of 2017?





 8. Who was your biggest inspiration in 2017?

@_modernfit: There were many people that inspired me this year but the one that stands out the most would have to be Kehlani. She unapologetically herself, works hard, promotes great causes and her body is so fit! 

@kustooMy inspo for 2017 was Ryan Seacrest. That guy has 15 jobs and always sounds like he is excited and ready to go. Reminds me to stop complaining about making Youtube vidoes.

@atothebedAleali May – she held it down for the ladies and dropped one of my favourite sneakers of the year.

9. Shake Shack or In-N-Out? Let the people know.

@_modernfit: In-N-Out above everything else. You can’t beat originality and freshness. Think about it, their line is always long for a restaurant who never has to change their menu. Let that sink in!

@kustooAs a native to California, when it comes to the debate about Shake Shack or In-N-Out, it is clear that Shake Shack is the winner.

@nikestoriesShake Shack by far.

10. What’s your bold prediction for 2018? 

@thendrwWe will see Kanye and Jay Z patch up their relationship and work on another project together. At least that’s what I hope.

@nikestoriesWe’re all going to be wearing VaporMax HyperAdapts deconstructed by Virgil Abloh by the end of next year.

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@sillygirlcarmenWe are going to be exposed to/ experience the extraterrestrial.

Keep it locked with us all of 2018 and make sure to check out @finishline and @finishinewomen for more stories with our influencers!