Revive the 90’s: Reebok Question “DRAFT PICK”


Back in the day we were listening to Biggie and playing NBA Jam on Super Nintendo. Michael Jordan dominated everything except baseball, and for some reason the Fresh Prince had two different Aunt Viv’s, as if we’d never notice. You picking up what we’re putting down?

We’re talking ’90s, kids.  Over the next nine days, we’ll be releasing nine of the phattest kicks of the decade.  So throw on that old starter jacket and get nostalgic with us as we keep it real, and revive the 90’s.

First up…

Sneaker: Reebok Question

Release Year: 1996

History: Allen Iverson signature sneakers are one of the most iconic lines ever created. It all started with the Reebok Question in the Mid-90’s. Reebok named the shoe the Question due to the heavy amount of skepticism Iverson received coming out of college.

Iverson, who they now call “The Answer”, was selected #1 overall by Philly in 1996. He dropped 30 in his NBA debut and continued to dominate throughout his rookie campaign, eventually winning Rookie of the Year, all while wearing the Reebok Question.

Inspiration for the Shoe: This particular colorway is inspired by the colors of the 76ers, the team that drafted him with the #1 pick in ’96.

Signature Moment: The shoe’s popularity rose to an all time high after his signature moment crossing over Jordan, not once, but twice, forever putting himself and his signature line on the map.

Random Fact: The 76ers’ record was 22-60 his rookie year, five years later they made the finals.

Get a pair of the “Draft Pick” Reebok Question and check out other Iverson (’90s) kicks.