Sneaker: Fila 96

Release Year: 1996

All you need to know about this shoe is when it released in 1996 with Grant Hill behind it, the Fila 96 made history by selling 1.5 million pairs. Didn’t think Grant Hill was that popular did you?

Hill was one of the best players in the world in the late ’90s. He won two national championships at Duke, an Olympic gold medal with Team USA in ’96, five all-NBA honors, as well as a Co-Rookie of the Year Award. His resume is solid, but one thing is missing, an NBA Championship after 19 years in the League.

Where does Hill fit amongst those NBA greats who never won a title?

Here’s our Top 10 List:

1. Karl Malone

2. Charles Barkley

3. John Stockton

4. Patrick Ewing

5. Reggie Miller

6. Dominique Wilkins

7. Allen Iverson

8. Grant Hill

9. Chris Webber

10. Chris Mullin 

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